Thinking of your family today

Just a note to say that I was thinking of Cathy today and of course, her family. She is alive in my heart and thoughts and  I’m sending love to the family.

Dawn (Cathy’s former secretary at Heller Ehrman)



Sandy and family,

I was sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences.

Linda Stone

Dear Rosen Family,

I had the pleasure of working at Heller Ehrman with Cathy for nearly 18 years.  She was gracious, kind, sincerely interested in others, gentle, soft spoken.  Simply put, she was a lady in the truest sense of the word, and a woman who made this world a better place by her presence and humanity.

A few years ago, she was having lunch down on the Peninsula.  She left her family’s table and came to my table to say hello.  Her kind gesture has remained with me.  When I suffered a personal loss, she was unfailingly kind.

Most of all, she spoke so often of each member of her family with such love and pride, that I knew all of your names. 

I am so sorry for your sadness and loss. 

Please allow me to extend sincere wishes for your continued loving strength as a family unit.  You are her legacy.

Harriette Louie

Dear Rosen Family,

I am so sorry for your loss. May the memories of Cathy bring you comfort and peace, now and in days ahead. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. 

Pamela Derrico

While I only met Cathy a couple of times in passing, Sandy’s uncanny adoration has always been so profound that through his accounts, I felt as if I knew her.  It has always been remarkable to watch the unwavering sparkle in his eye as he spoke of their great adventures traveling to some far off land, Cathy’s academic and professional accomplishments, and their cohesive loving family.  One couldn’t help but wonder how this incredible love affair could have lasted through two law practices, four children and some 60 years. The feelings and memories shared at the memorial revealed but a bit of the basis of that devotion.  In addition, those memories, and the affection with which they were recounted, allowed Cathy, even now, to opened my eyes to a truth.  Cathy clearly was an amazing woman ready to meet each challenge life threw at her with resolve, heavily spiced with love. Her unyielding demand to practice law on terms that allowed her to be a great parent, loving wife, and good friend provided not only her with a rich full life, but enriched every member of her family and inner circle, and I am sure clients and colleagues.  I couldn’t help but to be struck by the fact that each and every one of you, even in grief, were full with the love of life, appreciation of beauty, and tolerance of others that Cathy piled high on your plates at each and every one of her fabulous meals.  Eating at her table, she filled your hearts with love that you carry and share with all.  She, and you all, are the model we should all hold up to remind of us the importance of being a total person, living a complete life, as opposed to one of singular purpose.  Cathy was not a mother and part-time lawyer, to the contrary, she was a woman, wife, mother, friend, grandmother, and lawyer.  And it is clear from how wonderful you all are and how much you love one another that she never compromised on any front.  Such a life while most certainly a challenge, yields rewards far greater than the eye can see.  I am so terribly sorry for your loss, our loss. I thank you for sharing a bit of Cathy’s inspiration with me.

Thinking of you,


Dear Sandy,

I’m so sorry that you and Cathy lost your fight. You’ve been in my thoughts. I spent just one afternoon with Cathy - in Sun Valley a few years back. But I know from that brief experience, and from all you’ve ever said about your family, that your loss is great.  

Claire Cooper

Dear Sandy, Durelle, Caren, Ian and Melissa,

Micki and I were stunned to learn of Cathy’s death. It’s not fair. We’re sad for you. But as you know so well, she left  the best of legacies: kindness, a wonderful family, grace.

Bill Turner

Cathy’s Next Journey…

It was such a pleasure to work with Cathy at Heller for 13 yrs. My memories of her and her impact on my life have nothing to do with the work that transpired at Heller however.  We shared the passion for travel and the love of sharing our adventures with each other!  She would always want to know which exotic place I was visiting each year to scuba dive. We’d make time when I returned for me to tell all the “tall scuba tales” that came back with me from places like Micronesia, Caribbean destinations, Australia, and numerous other locales.  She on the other hand would pull me into her office and share her tales of travel with her husband and family.  Her love of her family and of travel will stay with me forever.  What an amazing woman!  Yes…the smile..the smile…Cathy…here’s to your next adventure…we will miss you. It was an honor to know you!

Marty Becker

Gratitude and Donation information

We, Sandy, Caren, Ian, Melissa and I, have been deeply moved by the outpouring of love we have been receiving. Thank you to everyone for sharing your kind words, sympathy and support. 

Many people have asked where do we want donations in honor of Cathy’s memory to go. We all agree to Thoracic Cancer / Lung Cancer research at either:

UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center -

American Cancer Society -

Thank you keeping her memory alive while helping others.

With Gratitude,


Dear Rosen Family,

I had the pleasure of working with Cathy at Heller. Though I took many delicate issues to her for her resolve, I also found myself popping into her office just to say hello. Her smile never left. I am fortunate to have had the pleasure of knowing Cathy and will forever be in the balcony cheering her on. 

Cathy Kerrigan